Working for NGOs for years, Nurcan Baysal wrote a book for giving voice to women and not letting that horrible massacre to be forgotten. “73rd Decree” (“Ezidiler: 73. Ferman Katliam ve Kurtuluş") is heavy, but it is nothing compared to what women, men and children had been experiencing.

By Nazan Özcan

“In 21st century, humanity is strangled and the world watched it live. It is winter now. The weather  must be cold. No cloths. No heater. The real 'major thing' has passed now. I won't starve to death. I won't die from the cold either. But the children are starving. Don't forget and don't let it be forgotten.” This is what a Yazidi, who came to Diyarbakir Camp after ISIS attacked Yazidis in Sinjar on August 3, 2014, said to Nurcan Baysal. We talked to Baysal about her book on Yazidis.